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シュリン/Shurin, 19. English major. Malaysian. Language, music enthusiast.

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[APR (23:06) 20TH]

ONYX for this summer's IDOLKISS! Debut single out soon in May: http://sekainomelody.com/idolkiss/onyx.html

/back to cramming
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[FEB (23:01) 27TH]
I must get a ticket for Morita's autograph session! I must! I must! I must! No matter what stupid thing they ask us to do, must. get. ticket!


watched 1 - 12 of Gintama. I watched the first few eps raw. It keeled me. Is my Jap hearing that bad? Are they really saying such crack or is it just my mind? So I watched the subs. Which got me asking, Did I get some subtitled fanparody instead?

I really don't believe.

DOES SUCH CRACK REALLY EXIST?! <3 *eats sugar* ~~~

Morita-san!!! THREE MORE DAYS!
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[FEB (17:05) 14TH]

Do you think in words, or non-verbally?
My thoughts are in pictures but I cannot draw.
- random

Hi~~~ been a long time since I last posted in here, shy shy to face most of you, my lj friends already! Hope everyone's okay and fine~ I haven't really had motivation to write in here, and didn't check flist too until lately (when I ninja'ed in some comments on your blogs), so sorry~

OK just a quick update 'cos I spotted this from shirochan blog, and went a little crazy. It's about GACC, anime/game convention hosted by MMU's Emina Anime Club (forgive me, lazy to check if that spelling is right) this March 1 and 2. I'm probably one of the late ones to know about it, but Morita Masakazu will be the special guest at this convention! @_@ I am so excited. And if all things work well, I will be attending this convention (I keep wanting to type 'conversation', wtfish!). First bus registration on Sunday has been closed unfortunately, so we're waiting right now for the finalisation of the details for their second bus.

Anyway, I said I will only go if there are people accompanying me, even if just one it's fine. Well... I managed to get 10 people to join in the day trip! How cool is that? All I had to say was "Ichigo's voice actor's coming to town, who wants to--!!" Proves how big Bleach is over here. Anyway, I've (hopefully, from the organisers' email reply) bagged us spots on the waiting list, so once all things are finalised, if you're going, see you there!

... I need to go to Kinokuniya this Saturday to get some Morita merchandise *__*

[edit] Goddamn, I had to check and edit my grammar 4 freaking times. Is this the result of abstaining from the Internet?!
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[OCT (16:09) 20TH]
I have fallen into the black hole once again. Yaoi <3 is back with a vengeance. Because I have found time to play the PC games. Gawd X_x IshallnottouchLamentoIshallnottouchLamentoIshallnotIshallnot Fully voiced games are awesome.

... I want to rave about them here but I'd probably step on a dozen toes so I'll not do it...yet. But ... <33

random entry out
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[OCT (17:11) 2ND]
<b>Nightwish's</b> latest album, <b> Dark Passion Play</b> is out. I'm listening to it right now, and asdfgsdja IT IS GOOD. The moozik and lyrics I mean. And I'm only on the third track. New vocalist is just so so... I prefer Tarja's vocals >.< But I think she'll grow on me. A-aand. . . they provided instrumentals of their songs on a 2nd disc!!!! Ahh~~ *fangirls and drifts off*
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[SEP (21:23) 30TH]
I'm back from Genting. =D Lazy to write about all the stuffs we did, but as a summary: gambling, alcohol, crazy themepark rides screaming contests, walkwalkwalk, and more gambling.

More importantly, DBSK's ticket prices appear to be confirmed. I'm going to be spending half a thousand dollars to scream and jump and hope I get their attention somehow with some stuff i'm planning to make. <3

... I know, half a thousand D= But I've been waiting forever, so I'm just ain't gonna think too much and just bulldoze ahead. JAE, HO, MICKY, JUNSU AND MINMIN IN PERSON!
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[SEP (8:32) 24TH]
Everytime I try to write in here, halfway through I get bored D= But I feel like I should complete an entry, at least for today. Anyway, ear is healed and working now. It was quite something to be doing exams and feeling the pain despite the painkillers I dosed on, but meh. I'm done and over with them! Getting the final packing done now as I type. 10 of us are going off to Genting today, for two nights of fun. I'm bringing a bottle of Bailey's (which is just -so- freaking heavy damn!), lemons and Yean's bringing vodka and gin. We're opening a gamble+drink night in the hotel room, since I'm not 21 yet to go into the real casino ._. Am so looking forward to going to the theme park in the middle of the cockroaches' exam season ! No long lines and we can ride as much as we want!

ps: cockroaches = little kids/school kids *if I have school-going kids in my flist. . . now you know your nickname *whistles**

Also, I've started to get into music again. I've been complaining and complaining about organ lessons and been planning to stop for a looong time, but during the time my ear lost its hearing temporarily, I guess I realized how important my organ is to me. My ex-teacher taught me through sight reading, just point out what is what as we play piece by piece. It worked last time, but I found out the moment I get bored I don't absorb anything so I'm basically just memorizing the score with not much understanding of what is IN it. SO in the end I just get bored, especially when it comes to impros and arrangements. XD; I'm a theory-girl, need to know what I'm doing before I actually do it. So, I'm adamant I get started again on my theory first. D= I finished 3 theory books in 9 days. D= And it feels fantastic, I can do my arrangements now! <3~ You'll probably see more updates on this once I get my new desktop and am able to install Sibelius and Finale on it.

And marathoning Nodame Cantabile during the weekend sort of fired me up too. Ahahaha~ Though I can't do anything much till I come back. Also marathoned Hana Kimi, now downloading final episode which is taking so irritatingly long to finish. I love comedies <3~ Need to find more funny stuff to watch.

and now, time to gooo
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[AUG (8:44) 2ND]
Quick check: Hey Malaysians, can you guys access www.sendspace.com , www.mediafire.com , www.gigasize.com ? We haven't been able to access these filesharing sites since yesterday morning, and I suspect tmnet is blocking 'em off, in which case would be a VERY troublesome thing >|
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[JUL (18:44) 26TH]
All is well. One thing I have learnt: Never trust bachelors who are 30^ and seem very friendly on the surface. Trust me, that is just the surface. ._.

Tension release timeCollapse )
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[JUL (9:03) 22ND]
So despite the *amazing* amount of disturbances I had yesterday courtesy of my parents, my uncle, my aunt, my cousins... I finished the damn book.

*edits a little* Erhm yay for finishing the book on the day itself?
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[MAY (16:52) 3RD]
[ mood | VERY bad mood ]

..|.. LLT

Pixie's Condition Update [APR (18:55) 29TH]
Pixie, my little doggie is suffering from the effects of her recurring kidney problems again. Just over a year ago, she was poisoned (by what, we are still not sure), hospitalized, and subsequently recovered to relatively normal after a month or two. Of course, we brought her back every month to the clinic for blood tests and check-ups as a monitor, and she has been hospitalized and put on a drip twice (three days each time) during the last year because of her too-high urea levels, but she recovered after that.

Recently, her condition relapsed again and she was hospitalized since last Saturday (21th April - I remember because the parents took her while I attended an organist's concert). Returned home on Friday 27th April, looked and acted okay then. On Saturday she began acting weirdly, like getting herself entangled between the chairs and not knowing how to reverse to disentangle herself. She just tries to move forward, and would effectively be choking herself if we weren't there to lift the chair away -_- She looks listless, simply walking around and banging her nose into other obstacles in her way. I suspect that she can't understand basic commands like 'No' 'Come here' now too, since she only sort of follows if I make some sort of movement to accompany that command. She's also been leaving little 'booby traps' around the house, although all this time she has been a wonderful potty-trained doggie (trained to do her business outside the house). She's trying not to do that though, the lovable little critter makes her way outside as often as she can. Found a huge, deep cut on her right foreleg as well and since we didn't have time to bring her to the clinic on Saturday, brought her there today.

The vet wasn't very encouraging. "Better go to the temple and pray for her" he said. Right. So anyway, he just cleaned up the cut, and prescribed some antibiotic cream. Can't give her any oral medicine because of her kidneys. Have to wait till Wednesday for the next blood test.

I sat with her just just now while she was lying down and I see that she's trembling again. Just like she did that one year ago just before her first major seizure that had us rush her to the clinic. =|

I know I've read of something about a condition with these symptoms (trembling, imbalance of the eardrum, not able to turn in certain directions, sloppy and uncoordinated movements) in psycholinguistics but I can't remember for now. Will check later. So now, the biggest worry is tomorrow, when I have my finals in the morning and no one's gonna be at home to make sure she don't choke on anything. But there's no help to that, so I hope she'd be alright.

Coincidentally, her condition has been worsening and subsequently hospitalized during my semester finals exam periods. April, September, December '06 and now this April/May '07.

She only just turned 7 this March.

*hugs her*

[APR (18:42) 24TH]
OK. There's more rash appearing (they're not very itchy, just painful!) and I just realized I've started to sneeze and cough a lot when this guy pointed it out. O.O Is the allergy getting worse? Meep.
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Let's Go Fly A Kite [APR (13:07) 22ND]

With tuppence for paper and strings
You can have your own set of wings
With your feet on the ground
You're a bird in a flight
With your fist holding tight
To the string of your kite

Oh, oh, oh!
Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!

When you send it flyin' up there
All at once you're lighter than air
You can dance on the breeze
Over 'ouses and trees
With your fist 'olding tight
To the string of your kite

Oh, oh, oh!
Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Let's go fly a kite!
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[APR (17:47) 16TH]
In the serene sky of blue
All he sees
Is a raging sea of black

Envy is engulfing him
For why is it that those who have what he longs for
Are never those who treasure enough what they have

Gluttony is grooming him
Into something he had feared he would become
Into the being that wants more, more than what he has

Anger is killing him
For the monstrous temper of his genes
He can only allow to rage inside him

Hatred is molding him
Into that person he had once swore he would never be
Into the villain he along with the masses had once loathed

He doesn't understand the way they think
He doesn't understand the things they do
He doesn't understand the world at length
Then he wonders what exactly does he want to understand

From them

He wonders how it feels
When the tip of the knife
Meets the veins that keep him alive
In this world where he sees no light

Or meaning to live.


Just fyi, this is not about anything IRL. I felt bored and tired and needed to get rid of all that negative 'chi' that's been hanging around me, that's all. It has been plaguing me with a flu and cough and migraines for some time now! Somehow, I feel better after attempting to kick it out of my system <3
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